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– Online resources may not have been updated to reflect the changes in newly revised test released on 07-01-2014
– Inclusion on this site is not an endorsement for products nor an indication of completeness of the material
– Googling “fcc technician license study guide” or something similar will yield many resources

ARRL’s official Technician licensing information and resources

This site has good videos for the beginner looking for someone to explain the basics (not updated but still useful)

KB6NU’s No-Nonsense Study Guide (has been updated for new test)

AA9PW’s FCC Technician Practice Exams

NC4FB’s Practice Exam

HamStudy’s Technician Class



Register for a Red Cross class in Hillsborough County – Upcoming classes

Tampa Bay Chapter of the Red Cross

Volunteer for the Tampa Bay Chapter – get started here



Prior to being activated for an emergency or disaster you must have successfully completed the following courses:

FEMA also has may other great classes. Search for classes that interest you HERE



The videos found in this library cover disaster related mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery training for a wide variety areas.

Just In Time Disaster Training – Library



There are three training options to become a Skywarn Spotter for the NWS Tampa Bay

  1. Attend an in-person training (see schedule here)
    • These are few and far between and only run from October through April
    • NWS Ruskin does its best to do a trainings in each county every year
  2. Join the Spotter Network at
    • Create an account
    • Take their SKYWARN Spotter online training and pass the quiz to become a member
    • Click on “Member Networks” in left hand menu, then join “Tampa Bay, FL (NWS/TBW)”
    • If you would like a NWS Tampa Bay Spotter ID, send an Email to the individuals listed on this page after you’ve joined the NWS/TBW member network and they will email you a Spotter ID in 1 to 3 weeks.
  3. Take the MetEd SKYWARN Spotter online trainings at
    • Email your county location and both certificates to the individuals listed on this page
    • Check box to notify local WFO
    • It may take 1 to 3 weeks to receive your Spotter ID

Information source:


Mental Preparation

Audio Books are a great way to learn. Audible has many great titles. Here are just a couple (free trial / first audio book is free):

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